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Planet Midori


Midori experienced a rich and paradoxical up bringing. She was born and raised in Japan, educated in the public school system with its traditions and arts while her all-female, feminist intellectual household provided the foundations for radical, independent thinking. Currently she is a full time writer and educator on sexuality and intimacy with emphasis on alternative sexuality.

She weaves together many threads of her cultures and upbringing to form the unique tapestry of her art and expression. Methods of traditional art and folk craft from Japan interweave with clandestine erotic art skills of contemporary and Edo period Japan. Optimism of California liberalism, 19th century German intellectual idealism, Pioneer pragmatism and ethos of modern Japanese disenfranchisement cross one another.

Photo by Eric Charles

Photo by Steve Diet Goedde

She has authored several non-fiction books, including "Wild Side Sex", "Seductive Art of Japanese Bondage" as well as many columns and magazine articles. "Master Han's Daughter", a dark collection of cyberpunk stories, is her first fictional book, although many readers are familiar with her short stories in anthologies and other publications.

Residence: San Francisco
Born 1966 in Kyoto under the Fire Horse sign, and raised in Tokyo until the age of 13,
Education: University of California, Berkeley. Psychology
She's very active in HIV/AIDS related fundraising and outreach.