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I am a multi-disciplinary, social practice artist who makes interactive, immersive work that examines identity, culture, bodily autonomy, and perception. Often physical and durational, my performance art invites audience members into a shared experience of meaning making by compelling them to be participants of art-making rather than mere observers. In my visual work, there is always an element of chaos, eruption, abstraction, and dialogue because it is created through large-scale engagement, iterative and participatory processes, and deep intuition. There is a synergistic dynamic between my performative and visual art; together they are the ouroboros, the snake eating its own tail.  

I was born in Tokyo and have lived in San Francisco since the 90s. My body, like my art, bridges multiple cultures and fuels my fascination with desire, repulsion, collective memory, and subconscious revisions of experience. Spending time in both  countries (my mother still lives in Japan) continues to provide deep insight into migration and diasporic identities. 

I use the tools of popular education, drag and Kabuki aesthetics, physical labor and endurance, customer service, and appreciative inquiry to create my art. Always what I create emerges from social engagement, collective effort, and dialogue.

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Midori’s Resume

Solo Exhibitions ———————————————————-

2020 In The Pines  Collective Action Studio. San Francisco.

2013 Evoco Project  Center for Sex & Culture. San Francisco.

2011 Masculine Pure Pleasure. Santa Cruz, CA

2009 Plastics Femina Potens Gallery. San Francisco.

Selected Group Exhibitions & Social Practice Projects ————————————————–

2020 “Out Damn Spot” Virtual, six-hour durational performance for Pink Full Moon: Opera Povera by Sean Griffin.

2020 “InVocation” Interactive sculpture for Sex Worker Pop Up, in conjunction with the United Nations Conference on Status of Women, for the Open Society Foundation. New York.

2020 Pandemic Zines. Online series produced and distributed freely.

2019 “InVocation” Interactive sculpture for the exhibition On Our Backs: Revolutionary Art of Queer Sex Work at The Leslie-Lohman Museum. New York.

2019 “Who Is My Neighbor” Interactive performance for 40 Performances for the Hole,  SOMArts.             San Francisco.

2019 “No New Idols” Collective opera by VestAndPage, La Pocha Nostra, & Francesca Carol Rolla. Riga, Latvia. 

2019 Queer + Trans Icons, for San Francisco Public Library. San Francisco.

2019 “If You Listen Carefully” Interactive sculpture for Divine Feminist at ArtFrontGalleries,       Newark, NJ. 

2018 “Passage” Immersive environmental sculpture commissioned by Museum of Sex for The   

              Incomplete Araki exhibition. New York. 

2018 “Object 0.0” For Cast of Characters at the Bureau of General Services. New York.

2017 Kimono 2: What We Wear  Performance at the Seattle Erotic Art Festival. Seattle.

2017 “Yamamba” Performance for Vanilla Gallery. Tokyo, Japan.

2016 “Evoco Project” Installation, performance & painting for What Is, Was, Epperson Gallery.              Crockett, CA. 

2016 Dining Room Installation and experience for MFA Never at Root Division. San Francisco. 

2016 Hello, Beautiful! Installation and interactive work at the Seattle Erotic Art Festival. Seattle. 

2016 Surrealist Fortuneteller Interactive performance at the Battery Club. San Francisco, 

2015 Seduction Commissioned to choreograph the opening night party as immersive performance for The Floating World exhibition at the Asian Art Museum. San Francisco. 

2015 “Anubis” Installation for Dog & Pony Show at Antebellum Gallery. Los Angeles.  

Lectures, Talks, Teaching, Residencies ————————————————–

2020 “Connecting Threads” for “Practice Practice Practice: On Repetition and Social Form” at California College of the Arts. 

2018 “Yellow Face & Blow Up Dolls. Sex, Grief & Art”: Artist talk at University of California, Santa Cruz

2018-2020     Creative in Residence, San Francisco Battery Club

2017 “Queer Qraft Qamp“: Family art event at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, San Francisco

2017 “Embrace Change & Creation… The Artist as Embodied Canvas” for TEDx SoMa, San Francisco

2015 “The Trickster at the Crossroads: The Artist as Instigator and Agent of Intersectionality” at VN Jaeger & Schwarzwald Gallery. Vienna, Austria.

Bibliography ————————————————–

“A Pop-up Museum in New York is Dedicated to Practitioners of the Oldest Profession,” Sarah 

Coscone,, March 10, 2020.

“Gorilla Gallery” Retrospective, Biblioteca Henestrosa, October 2016.

Design Behind Desire: The Sensuous Textures of Wanting. Lisa Z Morgan, Curated Collection 2011.

Seductive Art of Japanese Bondage, Midori, Greenery Press 2001.

~ ~ ~

She’s collaborated with Nick Knight for British Vogue, Titiano Magni, and Singaporean choreographer Ong Ken Sen, and styled for Keith Lock’s indie Chinese-Canadian ghost movie “The Ache.” Her work has been featured in Lisa Z. Morgan’s tome “Design Behind Desire.”


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