Art Blender – A Social Collaborative Practice

Evoco Art Blender is a fully participatory, social and collaborative practice using the Evoco process as a central focus and catalytic event for other creative process to bloom. It is designed to encourage multimedia, fast and intuitive creation while connecting artists and creatives with one another.

Midori with model and leaves/flowers

Eliza O. Barrios

Eliza O. Barrios, based in San Francisco, is an interdisciplinary artist. Working primarily in new media and site-specific installation, Barrios questions systems of belief by exploring various processes of self-reflection.



Kumi is a retired model and performance artist. Known for fluid movement and daring performance and ideas, she has co-created underground performances with Midori since the late 90’s.

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Kumi bound on a dresser

Lady Samar aka Samar Soriano

Lady Samar is a performance artist internationally recognized and respected for her remarkable ability to communicate deep poetic sentiments to her audience by combining the elements of hook suspension, dance, and wholehearted passion.

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Midori and Lady Samar suspended by hooks

Michele Serchuk

Michele Serchuk has been shooting her evocative, intensely personal portraiture in New York City for almost two decades. She has exhibited at group shows in several major North American and European cities, and in solo exhibitions in New York City and Philadelphia.

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Midori with frothy white skirt, black and white

Tiziano Magni

Tiziano Magni is an acclaimed global photographer, known for high fashion photography that break expectations.

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Model with black rope harness