Midori posing in latexMidori has collaborated closely with Michele Serchuk since 1998 on several projects. A few highlights include:

Michele Serchuk: http://serchukphoto.com

Michele Serchuk has been shooting her evocative, intensely personal portraiture in New York City for almost two decades. She’s exhibited at group shows in several major North American and European cities, and in solo exhibitions in New York City and Philadelphia. Michele has lectured at the Seattle Erotic Arts Festival and the Kinsey Institute, led workshops and presented across the US and Canada, been interviewed in print, on webcasts, podcasts, radio and cable TV. Her work has appeared in numerous erotic art books, US and European fetish and erotica magazines, and as cover art for dozens of books.

La Palgliacca Bianca by Golden Gate Bridge  Midori by wall with peeling paint (black and white) Closeup of woman's legs in stockings (black and white) Midori in latex in bathtub (black and white) Midori as Yamamba on the beachGordon6011Bound woman with flowers Woman with bound headGordon6039