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Midori as a young girl, with flowersMultifaceted and always active, Midori engages in multiple interests.

Many know her as a long time sexuality educator. In this capacity she leads weekend long intensives and short classes for adults interested in personal growth and sensual adventures. Her work as an independent sexuality educator grew out of her grassroots volunteerism and peer-to-peer safer/smarter sex education in the early 1990’s in San Francisco. Her education work continues expand to include empowerment and creative expression in the private, and increasingly in individual success in the corporate sphere.

On her education work and art work Midori says…

“My role as an educator and as an artist are really two sides of the same coin. It’s all about creativity and authenticity.  

In my capacity as a sexuality educator, I create an environment for shifting the cognitive framework imprinted through the dominant culture and habit. I help the students challenge the idea of their own capability for joy. Where they thought there was only a wall, I facilitate them finding the door that’s always been there. I point out the door—now it’s up to them to step through. It’s about their creative potential.

As an artist, it’s about challenging my own creative expression to authentically explore the passion and pain that grip me.   

In my educator role, words are my primary tool. But over the years, I’ve found that I’m filled with ideas, emotions, struggles and elations which I struggle to find words to. This muteness ate at me from inside until I had to find a way to express and explore them.

So much of my art is that which I could not find words to. Ironically, now I have to find words to write the artist’s statement about my body of work… It’s funny that I now return to the struggle around word and the creative passions.”

One of her favorite sayings is this Japanese proverb: “The spirit of the three year old to the age of hundred.”  Meaning that the joys and patterns of one’s childhood echoes into their adulthood.

As a child she loved plants, flowers, dirt and learning about edibles and multifaceted use of plants. Growing up in the concrete inner city of Tokyo, this wasn’t easy, but anytime she could get her hands on nature, she was touching, playing and exploring the botanical wonders of the world. Her grandmother would recall how Midori at age of 5 picked up fallen Rhododendron flowers and decorated a hedge or would make clover and daisy chains for hours. She still loves to play with flowers, plant and dirt, just in much larger scales.

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