Hodoku / 解く/ The Ancient One

Midori with pieced tongue and robbonThe modern human is wrapped tight, coiled up, compressed, bound, covered and distorted into a rigid and controlled form carefully crafted by gossamer layers of fear, expectations, hopes and aspirations.

Beneath it still beats an animal heart, a puzzle new to be solved by her alone.

Unable to move, we wait trapped for some unnamed catalyst to unravel it all. Beneath it still beats an animal heart, a puzzle new to be solved by her alone.

Hodoku: verb. Japanese. To uncoil, to unfasten, to solve

The action

On stage is a large red ball of ribbon and a smaller red ball of red yarn. Images of dense urban and insect lives project on the balls and the screen. Stagehand pulls one end of the ribbon from the large ball, uncoiling as the ball turns on a platform. The stagehand passes the ribbon to an audience member, which continues to uncoil, which spins the large ball. The ribbon is passed through the hands of Soon the ball becomes smaller, revealing a orb shaped red bud. It stops and opens like a flower. Scent of flowers fill the room.

A white clay covered figure is seated in the center, holding a large bundle of fragrant white flowers.  The end of the ribbon is pierced through the tongue of a seated figure. Her eyes are closed. The seated figure is entirely white clay painted but for her ears, painted black. She is naked except for fur and bones covering her here and there. She opens her mouth, revealing the source of the ribbon and crimson painted teeth.  She opens her eyes and they are blind milky white. She sits and gazes at the audience blankly. She rises, slowly emerges from the orb, and moves extremely slowly through the audience and exits out the back of the theater. The film plays to its frenetic conclusion.

Hodoku bkgd screenshot

Stage with closed red flower Audience with red ribbon Midori with opening red flower